Whether you're a dedicated angler who loves nothing more than Chesapeake Bay fishing or a casual fishermen who only gets out on the water once in a while, we hope you joined us for the Past, Present, and Future of Striped Bass: A Chesapeake Perspective series. No matter how often you cast a line you're a part of the recreational fishing community, and your opinions matter. Hopefully, this series will help you make your opinion known from an educated, impactful standpoint. If you missed one or more episodes you can always check them out at FishTalk's YouTube channel, on our Facebook page. Scorll down for the data dump, but if you haven't seen it yet, here's episode I:

chesapeake perspective
If you haven't already watched the Chesapeake Perspective series be sure to check out each episode online.

We're trying to cover a lot of ground in this series, and boil down some very complex situations and a lot of history into relatively short episodes, so several times we refer to in-depth data and information that we can't necessarily put on the the screen all at once. In the interest of making as much information as possible available to as many people as possible, we created this information bank of resources regarding the Chesapeake striped bass fishery and its history. This is by no means a complete collection of information, but if you heard us refer to something during the series and want to research the details, one or more of these documents should help.

Striped Bass Historic Timeline

History of Maryland Striped Bass Regulations 1990 - 2008

Bios for panelists on Episode I - Dark Years: Lessons Learned from the Moratorium of 1985 - 1990

Bill Goldsborough's take on utilizing the lessons learned from the moratorium: Lessons of Striped Bass 

More intel on striped bass fishery management and history can be found on the ASMFC Atlantic Striped Bass species page.

As new episodes run we will update this listing.

Graphics Bank

striped bass populations
Striped bass spawning biomass, in graphic form - graphic by Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission.
striped bass spawning success graph
Striped bass spawning success through 2021. Graphic by Maryland Department of Natural Resources.