Youth angler Dawson Hoover and his father Dustin set out to start a new YouTube channel this spring, called Off the Streets and Outdoors, which began with this video of fishing on the Chesapeake for trophy striped bass. Dawson does a great job describing the how's and why's of chunking for spring trophies, but we'd bet that when they set out to make this video, they didn't know a 45-inch beast was going to eat one of their baits! Check it out:


We especially enjoyed the part where Dawson had to brace his foot against the gunwale, to drag that beastie over the side of the boat. Congrats, Dawson, on that nice catch - and for making the video. And for those of you looking for more how-to information about those stripers, be sure to check out:

Also check out the digital edition of FishTalk, to get more how-to striper fishing information. And - SPOILER ALERT! - the next edition of FishTalk Magazine will have striper-specific features on summer trolling for schoolie striped bass, and the first of our two-part series on catching and live-lining spot for striped bass.

striper fishing
Here's Dawson back on land, with his monster catch.