What’s the worst thing about a red-hot bite? Crack open a frosty beverage, and you won’t have the chance to drink it before it becomes tepid. Okay, that’s a price we’re happy to pay. But wouldn’t it be cool if someone invented a device you could slide your can into, to keep it cold? Oh yeah, right, we have those… though if the boat starts rocking and rolling cozies do fall over. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone invented a cuphold… oh yeah, we have that, too. But it always seems like there aren’t enough around, they become de facto lure holders, those fitted for cozies don’t fit your cans, etc., etc., etc. Enter: the Toadfish Non-Tipping Can Cooler. These stainless-steel, double-wall, vacuum-insulating can coolers have a rubber locking gasket on top to seal in your can and its cool-factor, and a suction cup on the bottom so they stick when you sit them down on fiberglass. We’ve been using a pair of these things for a year now, and we flat-out love ‘em. The suction cup is super-strong and can survive a direct hit from beam-to boatwakes, but it releases with zero effort when you pull straight up on the cooler. It sticks just about anywhere (including on the top of the radome, which is awesome when you’re sitting up top sighting for cobia), but releases instantly and effortlessly when you pull directly up. And a portion of all Toadfish proceeds go to oyster restoration (over 150,000 square feet replanted thus far, and counting). Price: $24. Like they say on TV: But wait, there’s more! We’ve joined Toadfish in their affiliate program, so if you click on the button and buy one now, we’ll get a kickback and you’ll be helping us keep the lights on here at FishTalk. Thanks in advance!

can coolers with suction cups
The Toadfish can coolers get two big thumbs up, after a full year of use.