We had several reader requests in recent months to pick some top value fishing boats coming in under the $100,000 mark. We aim to deliver what you folks want, but before we present you with these three picks we want to note two important items. First off, different makes and models may be better or worse for different anglers depending on how, when, and where they do their fishing. What constitutes a “top pick” for one angler may not be the ideal choice for another (and we’ll try to point out the up and downsides as they may apply to you for each of these). Second, it’s important to remember that pricing has been evolving at a rapid clip in today’s topsy-turvy economy. We won’t print hard numbers here (much as we wish we could) because they’ll likely be out of date by the time this you read this. As we assemble this piece, however, all three of these picks are boats that cost less than $100,000.

  1. Bayliner Trophy T22CC
  2. Bulls Bay 2400
  3. Scout Dorado 215
bayliner trophy boat
The Bayliner Trophy T22CC delivers a ton of bang for the buck, and costs less than $100,000 by a mile.

Bayliner Trophy T22CC

The Bayliner T22CC listed for less than three-quarters of this price cap as we went to press, rigged with a 200-hp outboard and sitting on a galvanized trailer. It’s a well-equipped package at that price-point and comes with goodies like a T-top, a transom shower, and teak mat cockpit flooring. The boat splits the difference between fishing styles: there’s a livewell under the leaning post for live-lining, enough rocket launchers to pull an eight-line spread from planer boards, and room for three or four anglers to sling jigs. It's not refined or specialized to incline towards any one style of fishing, so consider this a good all-around or beginner boat for fisherfolks who want to get their feet wet but haven’t yet settled on any one specific style or tactic that they plan to focus on.

Bayliner Trophy T22CC Specifications

LOA – 22’7”

Beam – 8’6”

Displacement – 4000 lbs.

Draft (max.) – 3’1”

Transom Deadrise – 18 degrees

Fuel Capacity – 65 gal.

Max. Power – 300 hp

Area Dealers – Riverside Marine, Essex, MD, (410) 686-1500.

bulls bay boats
The Bulls Bay 2400 gets you a lot of LOA for a relatively inexpensive boat price.

Bulls Bay 2400

We reviewed a Bulls Bay 230CC a few months back and as we noted at the time, the low sticker price was the most surprising thing about this deep-V center console. Same goes for the brand new Bulls Bay 2400 model, which will come in at around three-quarters of the price mark with a 200-hp outboard (producing speeds over 50 mph), fully equipped. This is a bay boat style fishing machine honed for light tackle casting. Trollers won’t love it and the 15-degree deadrise prioritizes shoal draft (one foot even) and stability over comfort in big waves, so this one’s aimed directly at you topwater sharpies and jig-slingers. Liveliners will like it, too, thanks to the twin aerated livewells.

Bulls Bay 2400 Specifications

LOA – 24’0”

Beam – 8’6”

Displacement – 2900 lbs.

Draft (min.) – 1’3”

Transom Deadrise – 15 degrees

Fuel Capacity – TBD

Max. Power – 250

Area Dealers – Pasadena Boatworks, Pasadena, MD (443) 858-2400.

scout dorado 215
The Scout Dorado 215 is a top-tier boat, but it can still be had for under $100,000 at the time of this writing.

Scout Dorado 215

The base model Scout 215 Dorado starts slightly over the four-fifths mark and will limbo in just under the $100,000 price cap when fairly well equipped. That’s significantly more cha-ching than the other boats we’ve mentioned for a slightly smaller size, but Scout is a top-tier builder and you’ll find little if anything to complain about when it comes to construction and detail work. Dual consoles aren’t really ideal for fishing and this model is intended for family fun just as much as for wetting the lines, so hardcore anglers may want to move in a different direction. But if you’re looking for a top-shelf model your spouse and kids will love which also can serve as a fishing platform, this one gets the nod.

Scout Dorado 215 Specifications

LOA – 21’6”

Beam – 8’6”

Displacement – 2776 lbs.

Draft (min.) – 1’4”

Transom Deadrise – 20 degrees

Fuel Capacity – 82 gal.

Max. Power – 175 hp

Area Dealers – Anchor Boats, North East MD, (800) 773-2628.