If you appear on the world’s billionaires list and think it would be cool to own the biggest sportfishing boat in the world, you’ll find Project 406 of interest even if it might be a little large for Chesapeake Bay fishing. In fact, this fishing boat is so darn big that it might scrape the bottom of the Bay Bridge with its outriggers.

project 406 biggest fishing boat in the world
Project 406 looks to be the biggest fishing boat ever. Illustration by Vripack.

Designed by Vripack (which has offices in the Netherlands, Monaco, and Dubai) and currently under construction at the Dutch shipyard Royal Huisman, this aluminum, 171-foot-long, six-story sportfish is set to be the largest recreational fishing boat in the world upon its launch in 2023. Few additional specifics have been disclosed about the yacht at this point, but what we want to know is how the heck you’ll get the rods out of the bridgedeck rocket launchers!?!?