The Bonafide SS127 fishing kayak debuted at the 2017 ICAST tackle show, where manufacturers show off their latest and greatest gear. We spotted it while walking the convention center floor, and felt it was a pretty dang cool new rig. To bring you the scoop, we shot this short video of the SS127:

What more can we tell you about the SS127? Not a heck of a lot - this product is so new that the manufacturer hasn't even listed it on their web site yet, and you won't see it in stores today or tomorrow. Next week or next month, nope. This cool new craft won't be available until the beginning of 2018. What we can tell you is that the builders seem like a pretty dedicated crew. Their intent is to create a top-notch fishing machine, and we love the concept of the position adjustments on the seat, the multiple fishing accouterments, and the space allotted for coolers and gear.

You won't find much info just yet, but to learn more check out Bonafide Kayaks. And keep your eyes peeled for these things out on the water next spring - we think they've got a winner on their hands.

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