Striped bass are in trouble.The numbers of this popular game fish have plunged to such worrisome levels that strong action is required to begin to rebuild the population. To help restore this iconic game fish, the Coastal Conservation Association Maryland, and its partners are hosting three seminars in 2022. Moderated by FishTalk Angler-in-Chief, Lenny Rudow, these interactive talks will help educate, engage, and hopefully inspire anglers to get involved to help determine how stripers are managed. Join the conversation and help restore this iconic Chesapeake sport fish. All events will be live streamed from 7 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. 

Part 2 of "The Past, Present, & Future of Striped Bass: Chesapeake Perspective" focuses on The Current State of the Striper Fishery, Habitat, & Forage. We’re very fortunate to have an expert panel including Dr. Allison Colden (Chesapeake Bay Foundation), Mike Waine (The American Sportfishing Association), and Pat Geer (Virginia Marine Resources Commission) join us this evening to share their experience and perspectives on Chesapeake Bay and coastal habitats and forage as they relate to the striper fishery, as well as game fish in general. Each brings their unique perspective to share with us, and we’re excited to hear from them.




In case you missed it, click here to watch Part One, Dark Years: Lessons Learned from the Striper Moratorium of 1985-1990.

Mark you calendar and join us as we go live on September 22, 2022 for Part Three of the series, Rebuilding A Fishery and Bay That Future Anglers Deserve.  Register to be notified via email for the upcoming broadcast at