Many of you folks sent in the completed crossword in our June edition, provided by the fine folks at Dangle Lures. The winner of a prize-package: Kyle Tores, of Lothian, MD. Congratulations, Kyle! Just in case you missed it (or if anything left you stumped and you're looking for the correct answers) here's the puzzle and the answers below.

crossword puzzle for anglers
The fishing crossword puzzle for June, 2022.


1 - Structures

2 - Square

3 - Charter

6 - Brackish

8 - Conowingo

9 - Swivels

10 - Bluefish


1 - Snakehead

2 - Shad

4 - Ultralight

5 - Circle

7 - Tidal

10 - Braid 

Stay tuned for the July edition, in which we present a visual fishing quiz. All readers sending in the correct answers will have their name entered in a random drawing, with three lucky winners getting a Dangle Lures prize package!