We started Live with Lenny as an answer to Covid-19, since we couldn’t enjoy our usual face-to-face chats at all the usual events and a serious case of the boat show blues set in. We lost the Annapolis show, we lost the Baltimore show… it just went on and on. But we could still hold our own “virtual” events. And we’ve kept them going even as the Covid crush began to lighten because so many folks have asked us to. Most of those who have tuned in to Live with Lenny do so on Facebook, but eventually we figured out how to get YouTube into the mix. And now a handful of the episodes “live” there. Since many folks aren’t aware of their presence and the ability to tune in and watch at any time they like, (and because we ran short on website fodder this month — d’oh!) we thought we’d give you a rundown on the three most watched episodes on YouTube.

Summer Live-lining for Rockfish on the Chesapeake Bay

You want to get the low-down on all the tactics, tackle, and hotspots for live-lining? The summer may be drawing to a close, but this technique is still red hot and will remain so for the coming weeks until spot leave out waterways. Check it out to get in on the live-lining action!

Summer Trolling Refresher: Spanish Mackerel, Blues, and Cobia – Oh My!

We have another month or so of summer-style trolling, so tune in to this one if you’re not sure what gear to pull for which species, ideal trolling speeds, and destinations to consider.

Changing Fisheries of the Chesapeake

Check this one out if you’ve noticed how different the Bay’s fisheries are becoming, and if you want to effectively adapt as an angler. We have new species all around us, the ones that have always been here have changed many of their patterns, and the old ways simply aren’t as effective as they used to be. But the new opportunities are epic, people, downright epic, so get in on the action.

As we said, it took our technologically challenged Angler in Chief a while to figure out that whole “live” thing on YouTube, so only a fraction of the Live With Lenny episodes are on the FishTalk YouTube channel (nine in all). But no worries — you can find all those other episodes any time you’d like on FaceBook. Just look for FishTalk, and you’ll find us!