If live lining and chumming for striped bass are tactics you employ, then you'll want to check out the seminar FishTalk Angler in Chief Lenny Rudow gave at the Essex MSSA. In part one, he examines live lining techniques in detail. Then in part two, we move on to chumming for stripers. Warning: we had some issues with the acoustics at the venue, and the sound isn't best on the face of the planet. On the other hand, all the information discussed is solid how-to fishing information that will help you catch more, bigger fish. But don't take our word for it, check it out for yourself.

Okay, ready for the part on chumming?

We can, of course, get a lot more specific with the how-to's of fishing. If you want to give live lining with peanut bunker in specific a shot, for example, be sure to read Pea-Nutty: Live-Lining Peanut Bunker for Stripers. We also have articles that zero in on live lining with spot. The first, How to Live Line with Spot, Part I, focuses on how to catch the spot themselves, for bait. (Which, as many of you undoubtedly know, can be rather frustrating at times). Then in How to Live Line with Spot Part II, we zero in on the specifics of turning those spot into stripers. Our Chum Tricks article, which details three important tips for chummers, might also be of interest.

This is just scratching the surface of the library of articles and videos you'll find right here at FishTalkMag, which go into detailed explanations of specific fishing tactics and techniques. Be sure to peruse our How To and Tactical Angler pages, to get the scoop on effective fishing styles for freshwater, bay, inshore, and offshore fishing. Because if it swims anywhere in the waters of the Mid-Atlantic region, we're going to catch it - and do our best to help you catch it - here at FishTalk.