Parker Boats new 26CC is like a linebacker in the world of fishing boats. It has epically broad shoulders, surprising speed and agility, and the beef to plow right through difficult conditions. While most 26-footers pull the tape to 8’6” across the beam, the Parker hits 9’6”. While most top out in the low 40s with standard power, the Parker breaks 50 mph. While most tip the scales at between 5000 and 6000 pounds, the Parker is close to 7500. Yet it’s also armed to go on the offensive — just as long as your idea of scoring is swinging the hatch down on a plugged fishbox.

parker boats 26cc running
The all-new Parker Boats Offshore 26 CC is big and beefy, but athletic as well.

The 26CC is the third center console of this builder’s all-new lineup, which takes a slightly different direction from the Parkers of yesteryear. For a long, long time their models remained more or less the same, but in 2021 the builder announced a new lineup with the introduction of the 22CC and then the 24CC. Their stated goal: to encompass all the known Parker attributes like quality, strength, and seaworthiness, while adding refined styling and a more family-friendly touch.

You’ll notice some of the changes right off the bat, especially while standing at the helm. The console, pipework, windshield, and hard top are now all integrated with a three-sided enclosure at the console. Not only does this offer added protection, it eliminates the tripping-points of pipes that bolt to the deck. Most will agree that it also looks a heck of a lot sleeker and more modern. Then slide around to the front of the console, and note that a doublewide lounger (with a huge stowage compartment underneath) now graces it. In the bow, flanking seats with insulated 22.5-gallon boxes underneath have been added. And at the transom, a fold-down bench seat. The new leaning post arrangement is pretty darn slick as well, with flip-up bolsters and fold-down arm rests, a 30-gallon insulated livewell/drink box, and integrated tackle stowage.

Despite the boost in the comfort features don’t think for a minute that this boat takes a break from any fishing duties. In addition to the post livewell there’s a 40-gallon well in the transom alongside a 67.5-gallon fishbox. There are a pair of 50-gallon macerated boxes in the deck as well, plus a 37.5-gallon box in the forward deck. Remember what we said before about plugged fishboxes? Fill ‘em all up on this boat, and you’ll be needing another chest freezer in the basement.

parker 26 center console
The Parker 26 CC is still a fishing boat, but this center console comes with a few luxury touches, too.

Additional armaments include a raw water washdown, six flush-mount gunwale rodholders, a huge 14- by 36-inch electronics flat that can house twin 16-inch MFDs, and four rocket launchers on the hard top. On the flip side of the coin, rounding out the family features there’s a head compartment in the console, USB charging ports at the helm, and LED courtesy lighting under the gunwales. A major design tweak adding to the boat’s slick-factor is the new bow arrangement, which incorporates a through-stem anchoring system and windlass.

The 26CC is available with a pair of Yamaha F200s as standard power, or you can up the ante to a pair of F250s. If you want the extra juice go for it, but as we mentioned right up front, 400 horses makes for plenty of power. You can plan on cruising at over 30 mph, topping out at 50-plus, and note that with the outboards bracket-mounted well aft of the transom and a bit wider apart than sometimes seen, the boat enjoys excellent maneuverability.

The most critical thing to remember in this case? Don’t pre-judge the 26CC by what you’ve seen fishing aboard Parkers of the past. This is indeed an all-new model with an all new attitude, one that you’ll have to see for yourself to fully appreciate. Do so, and you might just find yourself jumping to your feet and cheering.

Parker 26CC Specifications

LOA – 26’0”

Beam – 9’6”

Displacement – 7468 lbs

Draft (hull) – 1’5”

Transom Deadrise – 21 degrees

Fuel Capacity –156 gal.

Max. Power – 500 hp

Area Dealers – Tri-State Marine, Deale, MD, (410) 867-1447.