Okay: we all know that big bridge pilings attract fish, be it the Key Bridge, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (CBBT), or any bridge in-between. But, does it make a difference how and where you place that cast and make your retrieve? You bet it does!

fishing the pilings of the bay bridge
The pilings of the Bay Bridge provide some of the best rockfish action around.
  1. Cast as close to the piling as possible.
  2. No bites? Cast beyond the piling so you get in some sink-time before your offering gets washed too far from the structure by the current.
  3. Still no bites? If it’s a multi-leg piling, try casting right between the legs.
  4. No bites yet again? Reposition so your retrieve interacts with the current in the opposite manner (if you were retrieving up-current try going down-current, and vice versa).
  5. There still isn’t a fish on the end of the line? Move to the opposite side of the piling and repeat the prospecting process.

If there’s no joy at this point, you have two options: you can move on to the next piling, or switch lures and make another attempt with a different offering. Either way, if you’ve run through this entire piling-pounding process without a bite it’s time to make a change.