Like many species, snakeheads love attacking small spinnerbaits. And the best thing about using these lures is that just about everything will hit them — perch, bass, crappie, you name it. So when you have catching snakes in mind but don’t want to miss out on bites from the other species in the area, grab your Super Rooster, Beetle Spin, or a similar spinnerbait, tie it onto the end of your line, and…

snakehead on a super rooster
Yes, those snakeheads do love Super Roosters!

Aim for the periphery of weedbeds, lily pads, reeds, and other thick growth. You can’t cast right into that stuff (that will take a weedless offering like a frog, which often proves effective but eliminates the potential for catching some other species) but you can work the edges. Savvy anglers will position themselves so they can retrieve more or less parallel to the growth, so the lure travels a path that’s visible to fish in its edges for as long as possible.

Bounce the spinnerbait off stumps and structure. Occasionally you’ll snag, but less so than with other offerings. And often the bump will get a fish’s attention and trigger a strike.

Wake and Bloop the bait by keeping your tip high and reeling quickly enough that the spinner creates a wake, and occasionally breaks the surface. It’ll make a “bloop” as the blade re-enters the water, and three or four bloops in a row sometimes calls in fish from afar.