Offshore fishing success depends on knowledge and skill, and relates less to luck than most other forms of fishing. Why? Because it isn’t as simple as putting a worm on a hook and waiting for a bite. Species like white marlin, blue marlin, and tuna all must be targeted in very specific ways, with specific gear and tactics. Whether you’re a serious bluewater angler or a weekend warrior, check out these offshore fishing tips—they might just help you catch more fish.

This tip might seem like common sense, but ask yourself: have you ever reeled in a bent swivel with no fish on the end of the line? Sooner or later, it happens to all of us. And this one simple action will help you reel in a fish, instead.

Leadering a pelagic is no easy task, and this tip is an important one. Fail to pay heed, and not only might you lose that next tuna, you might also end up with serious cuts in your hand. There is, of course, a lot more to landing big fish than this one little tip. How you gaff a fish is important, too. Check out How Do You Gaff a Tuna: The Proper Tactics and Techniques, to learn more.

Trolling for billfish is easy—actually getting a billfish to bite and then catching it is not. A dredge will help you accomplish this task, as well as attracting other bluewater species. The dredge you saw in this video is just one of many you can choose from, or you can build your own dredge with ballyhoo or mullet. Whichever dredge you choose, the most important thing is that you do choose to pull one in the first place.

Bonus Offshore Fishing Tip: Check out author and professional offshore mate John Unkart’s article Circle Hook Ballyhoo Rigging. Follow the advice you read about in this article, and you will hook more fish.