Mercury Marine introduced a new line of V6 four-stroke outboard engines in 2018, followed that up with a new line of V8 outboards in 250 FourStroke and 300 FourStroke sizes, then a lineup of V10 350 and 400 hp outboards, and of course their powerhouse V12 600 hp outboard. Verado "premium" versions of these outboards came along the way, replacing the old-school supercharged Verados. These engines are naturally aspirated and designed to offer plenty of torque through the powerband. They are also available in Pro XS and Mercury SeaPro commercial versions. Here's the lowdown on the V8s.

new mercury outboard engines
The Mercury 250 and 300 outboards are based on a V8 powerhead.

These outboards feature 4.6 liter, 279 cid displacement blocks, and are designed on a narrow, 64-degree bank angle to keep them svelte despite their size and allow for mounting on 26-inch centers. They're dual overhead cam, 32-valve EFI engines and are rated to turn between 5200 and 6000 rpm at WOT. 

Mercury has put a lot of thought into what recreational anglers need in a big outboard, and come up with a number of features that should make life with a V8 noticeably easier. For starters, both hydraulic and power steering are available. The alternator puts out a whopping 85 amps and maintains a 20-amp output even at idle - you'll never run short of juice with one of these running - than the Verado models put out 115 amps. The cowl has a single latch release design and more importantly, a front access hatch you can flip up to perform basic maintenance checks like engine oil level. And following a trend set by BRP's Evinrude before they ceased production of the E-TEC G2 outboards, these four strokes are available with multiple cowl colors so you can customize the look to match your boat.

The new Mercury line also has a couple of unique perks. One is Adaptive Speed Control, which maintains RPM as your boat works through rough seas, takes turns, or tows a load. The other, which we have to say is pretty darn smart, is a QR code printed inside the access hatch which you can use to get on-the-spot maintenance information.

300 hp mercury fourstroke outboard
The Mercury 300 hp, available in Verado and FourStroke packages, is widespread on today's fishboats.

And now, for the question everyone's sure to be asking: just how much do these V8 outboards weigh? The 300 and 250 FourStroke weight is 527 pounds (in 20-inch shaft length), which is just 52 pounds more than the V6 FourStrokes and is almost 50 pounds less than Yahama's V6 F300 and Suzuki's DF300. Verado models tip the scales at 600 pounds, even. For a more direct comparison, see Yamaha V-6 Offshore Outboards Versus Mercury Verado Outboard Engines.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in May of 2018 and was last updated May 9, 2024.