Tangier and Lower Shore Fishing Reports

Tangier, Pocomoke, and Lower Shore Fishing Report, January 14 Update:

Reports this week were thin folks, we’re afraid we don’t have much news for you. Anglers (well, at least one anyway) navigating the tribs of the Pocomoke and Tangier this week were able to score some panfish. Braving the cold produced crappie on shad darts tipped with minnow far up the Pocomoke, alongside pickerel and bass in the Snow Hill area. Although some other areas have seen some ice formation and Contributor Eric Packard reports he encountered some hard water in the southern millponds not far from here, thanks to strong tidal currents in this section the Pocomoke has a better chance of staying open and accessible.

frozen pond
Partial ice had formed on the millponds as of last weekend, so finding areas exposed to the wind or with strong currents may be necessary in the coming days. Photo courtesy of Eric Packard

Tangier, Pocomoke, and Lower Shore Fishing Report, January 7 Update:

Welcome to 2022 anglers! With cool weather (finally) moving in for real, the tribs are holding good numbers of panfish and crappie have become the target. Between the fronts a reader reported a dozen-plus keeper-sized fish plus throwbacks and a few bass while fishing minnow on darts and marabou jigs in the Pocomoke, and Sea Hawk is also reporting solid crappie action in the area rivers. Diehard winter anglers in the area are also heading for the sea-side, to get in on the rather awesome rockfish action that blew up in the recent past; see the Coastal Report for more on that option.

vadim with a crappie
Flashback shot: Here's Vadim with a Pocomoke crappie. These feisty little guys should bite right on through the winter.


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