Upper Bay Fishing Reports

Upper Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report, June 7 Update:

Striped bass season is now underway in Maryland and many anglers got out this past week to chase after them. Resident FishTalk kayak sharpie Zach Ditmars reports that there are plenty of rockfish — and plenty of fishing boats — for kayak anglers in the Patapsco as well as boat anglers. Paddletails drew plenty of bites and while the bulk of the fish are dinks, he mentioned having one on that was blatantly above the slot and looked to be 30-plus inches. Just like last year, the larger schools of stripers seem to be hanging out well into the river. But much of the charter fleet has flooded into the river along with recreational boats, and the increased boat traffic has made the bite tough on some days. A boat fishing inside the remnants of the Key Bridge was live lining with white perch and jigging four-inch paddletails without much action. They were surrounded by several charter boats and a few recreational vessels and only saw a handful of fish caught. Getting on the water early and staying away from the crowds has been the more productive strategy for many boats this week. A boat trolling near Dundalk using a five-rod umbrella spread and tandems stayed away from other boats and caught around a dozen fish from 16 to 31 inches with many being in the slot. Another boat jigging caught fish up to 25 inches while using soft plastics and metal spoons while drifting. All things considered this is one of the hottest zones around right now for stripers, so it made this month's Hot Bite Report!

White perch fishing in the creeks is now in fine summer form, and a reader report of solid success fishing with grass shrimp came in from Stoney Creek this week. They can be found near docks, riprap, and shoreline points in the shallow creeks throughout the upper Bay tidal tribs. Small spinners in chartreuse or white reeled in just fast enough to keep the blade spinning is hard to resist for hungry perch. Out on the main stem, bottom fishing has been good at the various shoals in the Upper Bay. Six-foot knoll and seven-foot knoll are two of the popular bottom fishing locations and anglers are catching a mix of white perch, spot, and some catfish right now. The Bay Bridge pilings in the 10 to 15 foot of water range have also been a good place to perch fish. Dropping down live minnows or grass shrimp is working well.

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