Way South Fishing Reports

Way South Chesapeake Fishing Report, December 5, 2019 Update:

Cold weather seems to have driven most speckled trout out of the area, with few reports of them coming in this week. Well, bummer... but it was great while it lasted. On the other hand, Ocean’s East is still getting numerous reports of tog and puppy drum in the Bay, and their numbers are beginning to pick up. Tog continue to take green crab, while puppy drum are gravitating towards mullet and live gudgeon. The islands of the CBBT remain a hotspot for anglers looking to get in on the bite. We’re still waiting for the bulk of the stripers migrating south to come through, although reports are slowly trickling in of a few larger fish being landed - and released - on the ocean side.

holding a tautog
Tog should remain a good option, for the foreseeable future.

Naturally no one’s going fishing at the Buckroe pier any time soon, but the city of Hampton released the following statement so we thought we should pass it along: “The James T. Wilson Fishing Pier – and the pier ramp – remain closed to the public after a loose barge crashed into the 709-foot pier earlier this month, causing heavy damage to the structure. Yellow and red caution/danger tape has been posted – along with no trespassing signs ­ on the pier and ramp, and police will be called for trespassers. Engineers continue to assess the extent of damage to the popular pier, which opened in 2009.”

Though they didn’t say so in this statement, the city has already said they’re committed to getting the pier back up and running as soon as it’s possible. Hopefully, that means in time for spring!

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