Way North Fishing Reports

Way North Chesapeake Fishing Report, October 15 Update:

As water clarity is steadily improving, so is fishing in the northern-most waters of our Bay. One reader let us know that the Susquehanna Flats is not only producing lots of catfish on cut bait, it’s producing them up into the 40-pound range — and sometimes two at a time. Northern catfish also proved to be a winner for the Chesapeake Fishing Open, which Matt Shoultz nailed down with a stringer of three big catfish totaling 96.25 inches. He noted that they fished slightly north of Wharton Creek and found a shoal where the waves broke then the bottom dropped to 50 feet, and that’s where the monster blues were lurking. Clyde’s mentioned that the catfish bite in the Conowingo Dam has been excellent as well, with reports of cats in the 25-plus inch range. They suggested using cut gizzard shad, chicken liver, or fresh cut bunker.

catfish are biting
The Susquehanna Flats produced some seriously big cat for Matthew and Nick.

While stripers aren’t holding up to the cats size-wise, they’re giving anglers plenty of action across the Flats. Clyde’s and Herb’s both reported that the morning and evening topwater bites have been active. Anglers are getting plenty of blowups despite most of the fish missing keeper mark, however, Herb’s did report that they had a few guys in the shop this week that did manage to get into some keepers on topwater. Topwater catches in the Dam pool this week mostly consisted of undersized schoolies as well. Some reports also came in from guys and gals hitting the channel edges to liveline eels, who let us know that the fishing wasn’t anything to write home about, but made for a fun day. Livelining with eels overall has seemed to be a pretty good bet for anglers, although the bites are slow at times.

White perch are finally reviving a bit for the season — this week we heard of good catches in the creeks and over hard bottoms. Herb’s suggested small Perch Pounders, or bottom rigs with bloodworm or FishBites.

Way North Chesapeake Fishing Report, October 8 Update:

*We apologize for the light reports this week, but due to exhibiting at the U.S. Powerboat Show in Annapolis (come see us this weekend at booth F7) and some personal matters we have not been able to gather as much intel as usual. Stay tuned for next week’s reports!

Sarge’s reported a good striped bass bite in the Upper Bay using bloodworms and eels. Crabbers are still filling their bushel baskets and anglers are reportedly catching snakehead fishing with live shiners. Tochtermans let us know that the walleye are starting to bite up the Susquehanna near the Conowingo.

chesapeake bay blue catfish
Big blue catfish can be found all over the Chesapeake Bay. Photo courtesy of Charles Gregorski.

Herb’s Tackle Shop said that anglers are catching plenty of stripers and white perch now the water has cooled off in the flats. Many reports of northern snakeheads being caught all around the susky. They also said that catfish quite simply, are everywhere. Channels and blue cats are being caught on the edge of the flats from Rocky Point up to Perryville using fresh cut bait white perch and bunker.

Way North Chesapeake Fishing Report, October 1 Update:

If you want a sure thing, the Elk River and/or Turkey Point is the place to be and cut fish or chicken livers are the offering for chunky catfish. We had a couple of reader reports of nonstop catfish action from the area this week and we’d expect that bite to remain as reliable as any on the Bay for the near future. Same goes for the edges within sight of the Route 95 bridge, another catfish destination that rarely disappoints.

catfish angling
Nick found that fishing the Elk for cats provided plenty of action aboard the Nautical Nonsense.

Meanwhile the flats continue to suffer from cloudy water, though it is improving by the day and should continue to do so unless we get hit with another big rain. If you visit the area and find turbidity above your liking, heading south and east a bit is the move. We got word from a reader that the Sassafras is holding good numbers of stripers in the shallows, and although most are undersized fish, keepers do pop up here and there.

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