Way North Fishing Reports

Way North Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report, December 1 Update:

As we enter December, fishing is slowing down and consistent bites are becoming harder to find. The colder months require more patience and persistence, but the reward of applying both can be great. Blue catfish will be the main target for many upper Bay anglers during the colder months. These fish are plentiful throughout all the upper Bay tributaries. The Susquehanna River and Flats has been producing some very big catfish all throughout the fall. This bite should continue through the winter. The old railroad bridge just north of Perryville is a popular location to fish for the blue cats. There are some deeper holes in the river around that area that tend to hold good concentrations of fish.

catching walleye
Walleye have been picking up the pace recently. (Not current photo, courtesy of Eric Packard).

Walleye are becoming a more reliable target at the Conowingo Dam now that water temperatures have cooled off significantly. White and green colored soft plastics tend to work well for them along with crankbaits. If they aren’t willing to hit artificial baits, nightcrawlers and minnows are a reliable live bait. Below the dam, the mouth of Deer Creek is another reliable location to target the walleye in the lower Susky. The night bite can often be better than the daytime bite, but it varies from day to day. Smallmouth bass are also being caught in this stretch of the river with more consistency. The holiday season is here and Christmas is just around the corner, so make sure to put together your wish list of new fishing gear soon!

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